EsadType 2022-24

publié le 27.03.2024

Bravo and congratulations to the students from our typedesign course EsadType 2022-2024.

14th of March, EsadType 22-24, i.e. Martin Brendecke, Lois Hinshelwood, İbrahim Kaçtıoğlu, Abhijit Menon and Đông Trúc Nguyễn, presented their typeface design project to the jury, i.e. Kimya Gandhi and Jean-Baptiste Morizot.

Everyone was much happy, and even happier were their teachers, i.e. Frederik Berlaen, Patrick Doan, Hugues Gentile, Hélène Marian and Sébastien Morlighem.

You will discover their fantastic work soon on the EsadType website!

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