Amiens School of Art & Design has two main departments :

  • The department of Art & Design (Ésad) specialises in graphic design and interaction design. The department is also well-known for its post-diploma in type design (EsadType) and for its research in typography, signs and sign language.

  • The department of Animation (Waide Somme) specialises in 3D film animation and video games.

How to Apply

We welcome all applicants from abroad to study for a whole semester at our school.

To apply, please send your portfolio (pdf format no more than 9Mo) and your CV accompanied with a letter of motivation stipulating the perdiod of study. These can be in English or in French. Please send to our International Coordinator, Alisa Nowak,

Spring semester 2021: 25/01/2021 to 18/06/2021

Winter semester 2021/2022: 13/09/21 to 28/01/2022 (Registration day: 09/09/2021)
Holidays: 01/11/2021 to 05/11/2021, 20/12/2021 to 31/12/2021

Spring semester 2022: 24/01/2022 to 17/06/2022 (Registration day: 20/01/2022)
Holidays: 14/02/2022 to 18/02/2022, 18/04/2022 to 22/04/2022

Application deadlines

Winter semester: 15th of May

Spring semester: 15th of November

Application documents requested after admission

Certificate of health insurance (for EU citizen copy of the EHIC) Civil liability insurance (assurance responsabilité civile, obligatory en France) Copy of your passport or Identity card

Study program for international students

Most courses last for a whole year but are often split up into projects by semester. We recommend to apply mainly for 2nd or 3rd year grade courses. You can participate in both years. During the first week of your stay, you’ll be invited to check out several courses in order to fix your final choice.

All classes are taught in French.

30 ECTS / semester

2nd year grade

Winter and spring semester

Practical classes (6 ECTS / class)

  • Creation of websites/programming (Benoît Wimart)

  • Drawing (Olivier Charpentier)

  • Graphic Design (Arnaud de la Bâtie)

  • Photography (David Rosenfeld)

  • Project/design/volume (Rémi Dumas Primbault)

  • Typography (Sarah Kremer)

Theoretical classes (6 ECTS / class)

  • History of art (Stéphanie Katz)

  • History and contemporary aspects of graphic design (Gabriele Čepulytė)

  • Semiology of filmed images (Nicolas Lenys)

3rd year grade

Winter and spring semester

Practical classes (6 ECTS / class)

  • Communication, medium, interactive (Donald Abad)

  • New Media/programming (Mark Webster)

  • Personal project (Dominique Giroudeau)

  • Photography (Hally Pancer)

  • Typography (Patrick Paleta)

4th year grade (Master)

Winter and spring semester

Practical classes (6 ECTS / class)

  • Calligraphy (Patrick Doan)

  • Cartography (Patrick Doan)

  • Global design (Eva Kubinyi)

  • Graphic and future-oriented design (Simon Renaud)

  • Information design (Olivier Cornet)

  • Interface design (Laurent Herbet)

Accommodations in Amiens

You may stay at the residential accommodation unit « Résidence du Castillon » (CROUS) near the school. As soon as you are enrolled in the Erasmus program between your school and Ésad Amiens (and before the 1st of June for the Winter semester and the 15th of November for the Spring semester), you should inform us if you’re interested in staying there and we’ll organize this for you.

For student housing, but also when you rent a flat on your own, you need a householder’s insurance (assurance multirisque-habitation) which is obligatory in France. You can get one of these in Amiens at any insurance office, once you have arrived. For Crous you need to do this within 8 days after arrival.


Ésad Amiens is part of the Erasmus+ program.

Our Erasmus Partners

Our International Partner

Charte Erasmus+

As part of the Erasmus+ program, we signed the Erasmus charter for Higher Education

charte-erasmus-esad.pdf (195.74 KB)

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