The Bookshelf at the End of the Cantosverse. Paulo de Cantos (1892-1979)

publié le 24.03.2022

Paulo de Cantos was an historically neglected author, with a shelf-long range of educational books published in a time of fascist rule in Portugal. Slipping through the eye of the needle, he permeated this austere and parochial system with meme-like witticisms and an innate capacity of “imagining the word”, combining national/regional vernacular with rationalist scientific knowledge.
This exhibition presents the viewer with Cantos’ self-published work, as pedagogue, editor and collector recounting his design cosmologies through the narratives of his [re]discovery by the graphic design studio barbara says…

Du 22 mars au 14 avril 2022 dans la galerie de l’Ésad.
Lundi – vendredi, de 10h à 17h.

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